Study Resources

To read PDF files on a mobile phone, try using an app called Moon+ Reader. This app allows the user to edit the font size, making it easier to read small font.


WEBSITES A website dedicated to understanding the correct leadership method of the Massline, oriented around Marxist study A sister website of which is more focused on understanding Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

Scott H’s website A contributor to the massline websites mentioned above who is very influential to MLM students throughout the US A journal of communist theory by Revolutionary Initiative (Canada) and Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (USA) Resource dedicated to Revolutionary Marxist material. A news portal and archive of communist politics and parties. A website from the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons (MIM), a third-worldist MLM organization. Despite being third-worldist, they have a lot of information on important topics, such as imperialism. A long-time running socialist magazine.

Maoist Road Blog A MLMpM blog which keeps up-to-date information and publications from MLM organizations around the world. A news website providing the latest news on MLM struggles around the world. A website to provide documents from ML parties around the world. A website for theory, history, movements and news. A weirdly organized website with good material. An old website – not active today – with plenty of good stuff. 

Otto’s War Room blog A blog with some good stuff, just gotta search.