Introductory Marxism


A reading list composed of introductory Marxist literature

Activist Study Guide by ARAK (1999) PDF Download

Philosophy & Class Struggle by Dialego, 1975 Website

The Communist Necessity by JMP 2016 PDF Download

Primer on Marxism-Leninism by Jose Sison Maria, 1979 PDF Download

The Communist Manifesto by Marx & Engels, 1848 PDF Download

Wage, Labor and Capital & Wages, Price and Profit by Marx 1891 PDF Download

Communism Vs Anarchism by Rashid (2010) PDF Download

From Marx to Mao Tse-Tung by George Thomson (1971) PDF Download

The Science of Revolution by Lenny Wolff (1983) PDF Download

Origin of the Family Private Property and State by Engels PDF Download

Foundations of Leninism by Stalin (1953) PDF Download

Anarchism or Socialism & Trotskyism or Leninism by Stalin 1954 PDF Download

Theses on Capitalist Crisis and Class War by José San Miguel, importance of proletarian consciousness/revolution Website

What is Socialism? By Scott H. PDF Download