Class Analysis Study


Reading materials dedicated to understanding social classes from a Marxist lens.

Definition of Class and Purpose of Class Analysis by Scott H. Website

A Great Beginning by Lenin (Foundation definition of class) Website

The Specter That Still Haunts: Locating a Revolutionary Class within Contemporary Capitalism-Imperialism – A Four Part Series by Kenny Lake (2015-2018) Website

Class Analysis and Class Structure in Canada (Second Version) by Stella B from Revolutionary Initiative (2015) Website

The Worker Elite: Notes on the Labor Aristocracy by Bromma (2021) PDF Download

The “Dangerous” Class and Revolutionary Theory: thoughts on the making of the lumpen/proletariat by J. Sakai (2017) PDF Download

Classes by Erik Olin Wright (1985), particularly pages 38-57 PDF Download

Analyses of the Classes of Chinese Society by Mao Zedong (1926) Website

Social Classes in the US, by the Organ of the Revolutionary Political Organization (M-L), published in Workers’ Herald (1983) Website

Class Struggle in Africa by Kwame Nkrumeh (1972) PDF Download

Charting the Uncharted Course: Proletarian Revolution in the US! By RCP 1980 Website

Imperialism and Its Class Structure in 1997 by MIM (1997) Website

Marxism and Class: Some Definitions by Communist League (Britain) Website

What is Happening in the United States? How Social Class Influences Political Life By Vincente Navarro from Monthly Review Website 

Poulantzas on the “Petty Bourgeoisie” by Disaster Notes (2011) Website 

Deconstructing the Middle Class Myth: Analysis of the Labor Aristocracy by American Party of Labor (2012) Website

Myth of the “Middle Class” by American Party of Labor (2010) Website