Politics In Command is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist journal using a wide variety of multi-media to spread revolutionary communist theory.

The phrase ‘Politics In Command’ originated in China during the line struggle within the Central Committee: the right opportunist line headed by the capitalist-roaders and the left proletarian line headed by the communists. The rightist-revisionists focused on promoting the ‘Theory of Productive Forces’, a political line attempting to reverse the gains made by the proletariat by focusing on ‘pure’ economic development, with an empty promise of returning to building socialism at a later time after the productive forces were more developed. The proletarian line opposed the revisionists by keeping politics in command; the idea that all economic decisions should arise from political decisions. After all, class struggle still continues under a socialist state. If class struggle still exists, then the struggle for power (politics) still exists. Therefore, all decisions are political. This is the foundation of Politics In Command.

Since then, Politics In Command has been adopted as a principal in all Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (MLM) organizations and theory. Even if we have not reached a socialist state yet, keeping Politics In Command is a principal to uphold if we are to be successful at the overthrow of capitalism-imperialism. So, what other meanings could it mean?

We all live in a class-divided society, a class-divided world. Consequently, everything is political. Using Dialectical Materialism, specifically the Law of Contradiction, all things can be divided into two: our world, our society and even our own ideology. If everything is political, i.e. the struggle for power between social classes – then politics is the commander; to continue acting as if we can avoid politics is a dream, a pure illusion.

The slogan ‘politics in command’ reminds us of our goal and keeps us grounded in communist theory. No successful struggle for liberation can isolate itself from the struggle to overthrow the imperialist system itself. This journal was created with the goal of reminding us that we must keep politics in command in everything we do. It guides our thinking, our analysis and our organizing work.

Political work is the soul of communist organizing.